Roy's Art Biography

Varya in front of one of Roy's last eleven mandala paintings, all of which she donated to the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL, after Roy died


year of the Peacock

Roy Witlin


  •  Leepa –Rattner Museum Art, Tarpon Springs, FL, (posthumous show)

  •  Arras Gallery Ltd., New York, NY

  •  Widener College Museum Art, Widener PA

  •  Lidichi Gallery, South Africa.

  •  American Printed Fabrics Council, New York, NY

  •  Hahnemann Medical University Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

  •  Gross McLeaf Gallery, Philadelphia PA, (several solo shows)

  •  Karen Sklar Gallery, Grosse Point, MI, (several solo shows)

     Awards for Service

  • Roy was decorated twice by the Italian Government  for charity work in Italy and holds the title of  Commendatore (an Italian Knighthood.)

  • His work in the community has earned him “Man of the Year” awards from various charitable and cultural groups.