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Varya Witlin

A Comedy of Transcendence, memoir of Roy and Varya's marriage. Available soon for purchase.


  •  Upcoming, Opera Central Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL  (solo)

  •  Unitarian Universalist Church, Clearwater FL (group show)

  •  City Gallery,  Charleston S.C. (solo)

  •  Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston SC, (joint with Roy)

  •  Piccolo Spoleto, KKBE, Charleston SC.(solo)

  •  Jefferson Common Art Gallery, Philadelphia PA, (solo)

  •  Philadelphia Sketch Club,Philadelphia PA,(solo) 

  •  Montezinos Gallery, Philadelphia PA, (three person show) 



    More Accomplishments

  • Registered Art Psychotherapist   

  • M.S. Degree, Mental Health, Hahnemann Medical University

  • Teacher, Art and  Graduate Level Art Therapy, at Hahnemann Medical University

  • Published Five Research Articles and Two Case Studies on Art Psychotherapy 

  • Founder and Joint Director, Regional Children's Art Show, North Pinellas, FL.

  • In Process of Publication: A Comedy of Transcendence, Memoir of Roy and Varya's  Marriage 

  • ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS: In 1990, I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  At that time I had been painting with acrylic paints, and I became so sensitized to those and other  art materials that for years I could do no artwork at all. Even drawing with writing pencils caused a sensitivity reaction.   Over time I became stronger, and was eventually able to use children’s drawing sticks and school watercolors.  Today, after painstaking avoidance of sensitizing chemicals, I am able to create pictures using Sennelier oil pastels, Rembrandt colored pencils, guache and, most recently, Treehouse walnut oil paints. There have been few art shows and work is slow because I can easily be resensitized, but I am emerging from that long dry spell.  Now I have immeasurable joy in being able to do artwork again, expressing my ideas in the vibrant media available to me.